Wonder Woman and “Miss Georgia” Vanquish Attacking Pit Bulls

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Dog newsIn Duncan, South Carolina, a high drama of life and death played out last Sunday evening. A woman named Chanda Davis was in her backyard, preparing to do some grilling, accompanied by her 2-year old daughter and 12 year-old son. According to her report, two Pit Bull dogs suddenly appeared, approaching her daughter from behind. She told WYFF: “How I got to her so fast is beyond me. I picked her up with one arm and just threw her on top of my car.” Then the Pit Bulls turned on her.

Right when I got here, they literally were on me. My English bulldog happened just to be walking to the door and she jumped in front of me.

Her seven year-old English Bulldog, named Miss Georgia, fought both Pit Bulls. The Pit Bulls pushed Georgia back up to the patio of the house and all the way into the dining room. Davis says:

My first thought was to grab my gun, and then I thought, “No I don’t want to grab my gun, take the risk of shooting my dog and possibly with my kids being so close.”

Instead, she grabbed a bread knife and joined the right, stabbing both Pit Bulls. One died and the other escaped, but was later picked up by authorities. The identity of the owner of the dogs remains unknown at this point. The owner would face fines for allowing the dogs to wander and “create a nuisance.”

Miss Georgia is receiving veterinary treatment for her injuries, and Ms. Davis would welcome assistance with paying what will doubtless be a very hefty bill. (Details via WYFF.) She also said:

I’m just grateful and thankful that my kids are still here and I’m still here. My kids still have a mom and we still have our dog. We just hope that she’s going to be okay and pull through.

Despite the circumstances, she is not without sympathy for the dogs she was forced to stab.

That was very traumatizing. I can’t even close my eyes now without seeing that. Knowing that I had to do that to two animals hurts me. It just is so emotional.

In that situation she clearly had no choice, and displayed great courage and fortitude in doing what she did. Although it’s not legitimate to analyze the motives of dogs as if they were human beings, the fact is that once they began attacking they forfeited any right to life which they themselves possessed. The ultimate responsibility, of-course, lies with the owner who allowed these dogs to wander and indulge their predatory instincts.

Local Environmental Enforcement Department Director Jamie Nelson did not lay the blame on the breed, per se, but said, “Dogs that are brought up to be aggressive will be aggressive. And because of the pit bull by nature, the aggression is going to be a little more.” That sounds just about exactly right.