Tsunami Wreckage Dog Reunited with Owner (video)

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Dog newsHere’s the video, from the Associated Press, of the heartwarming meeting of the owner and the dog (named Ban) who was rescued a few days ago from the floating wreckage of a house off the coast of Japan. It took place at an animal shelter in the Miyagi Prefecture.

One extremely lucky dog — nice to see. Of-course, the owner is lucky too, considering what happened to her house. And the odds of recovering her dog had to be more unlikely than the odds of winning the average state lottery. Kudos to the pooch for recognizing the owner despite the ubiquitous Japanese face mask. Of-course dogs recognize their owners by sound and smell as well as sight, so masks are no big deal. And I’ll reiterate the comment I made previously: it looks like this dog is accustomed to being pretty plump, which served her well when she was stranded for over three weeks at sea, but if the owner wants her to live a long and healthier life, she really ought to cut down on the excessive victuals.

On another note, it’s a special joy to see a nondescript mixed breed being loved and cherished in this way. Mutts are the best.