Indignez-Vous – Time for Outrage

The Cinch Review

Currently a raging bestseller in France, and spreading around the world, is a short book by Stéphane Hessel called Indignez-Vous, or A Time for Outrage. As taken apart by Ron Radosh, the screed begins by trying to make the case for reinvigorating the selfish old socialism which has brought Europe to the point of insolvency, and moves logically onward to identify the greatest danger in the world: Israel, of-course.

The fact that something like this has caught on in such a big way (and now has been published in the U.S. by The Nation) is as disturbing as it is nauseatingly unsurprising. The vapors from Fukushima are not the only source of an expanding and lethal stink in the world today.