Israel, Syria and Mid-East contrasts

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It’s being reported that somewhere around 20 people were killed when hundreds of Syrian “protesters” attempted to invade Israeli territory today, and were fired upon by Israeli soldiers. It doesn’t take a geopolitical-egghead-genius to see that the Assad regime is trying to distract from its own ongoing and far more efficient killing spree against Syrian citizens who are demanding something like basic human rights. Nevertheless, this new tactic of throwing willing martyrs at the borders of Israel is one that seems likely to continue, and has to worry the Israelis. At some point international pressure will rise and say, “Israel has no right to shoot these people” (i.e. no right to defend its borders) and that’s when the crowds will really start gathering. Continue reading “Israel, Syria and Mid-East contrasts”

Syrian protesters demand Assad either shave or grow a mustache

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I just figured I ought to crack that joke now, while we’ve still got Bashar Assad to kick around.

Bashar Assad - Mustache or not?

As is being reported, Assad has promised to call a halt to the state of emergency which has been in place in Syria for 48 years, completely brushing aside the irony of the fact that this is when it would appear to be needed most.