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Dogs and their guilty looks

Dogs guilty looksAn incredibly elaborate study reported on at this link was carried out in order to try and determine once and for all whether dogs really look “guilty” when they know they have done something wrong. The result: Well, you can read it yourself, but my perception of the conclusion is that it remains utterly inconclusive.

Most dog owners of-course will swear that when they come home and the dog has invaded the garbage or relieved himself on the carpet or otherwise made a mess, that the dog acts guiltily even before any scolding words are said. A guilty look in a dog is generally considered to consist of such factors as ears being down, head held low, perhaps averted eyes, and a meekly wagging tail. Continue reading Dogs and their guilty looks

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Angry at God? Get in line (with atheists)

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology is said to show that virtually everyone feels anger towards God at various points in their lives, especially after the loss through death of a loved one, or a diagnosis with a serious illness. The interesting thing is that this includes self-professed unbelievers in God. In fact, according to this study, they get angrier Continue reading Angry at God? Get in line (with atheists)

Study: Vitamin D Crucial to Fighting All Kinds of Infection

Why does vitamin D interest me so? I swear, I’m not one of those supplement-popping freaks. I’ve never been a vitamin C zealot, nor a loud advocate of ginseng, royal jelly or even wheat germ. Yet, the continuing story of how vitamin D levels have been massively overlooked by the scientific and medical communities as a vital factor in human health fascinates and compels me because it is a singular example which illuminates a much bigger picture.

Science is wonderful. Medical science has saved so many lives and every day works what would have been considered miracles not very long ago. It is to be greatly valued and scientists and doctors are to be admired and encouraged to continue in the same vein. All of that is true, and yet, it is even more important not to forget one underlying fact: Everything that scientists and doctors think they know could actually be wrong. Everything. Continue reading Study: Vitamin D Crucial to Fighting All Kinds of Infection

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“Vegetative” patients show cognition

Webster’s Dictionary defines a vegetative state, in the medical sense, as being “a state in which there is a total loss of cognitive functioning and in which only involuntary bodily functions (as breathing or blinking of the eyes) are sustained.”

And we know what that diagnosis means, in terms of the kinds of treatments given to such patients and the kinds of “end of life” decisions which family members make, based on the confident assertions of doctors. Continue reading “Vegetative” patients show cognition