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New York City Winter

There hasn’t been a winter like this in New York City since … well, since there were wolves in Wales.

Dog in snow New York City

And yet at once one has to apologize, because what New York City has been experiencing is nothing compared to what others have been going through, in places like Minnesota and the Dakotas, and indeed in Georgia and North Carolina where they were just plainly unprepared for a bizarre onslaught of cold white material falling right out of the sky. Although my experience is limited, I doubt that there is any city in the world better able to deal with winter storms than New York, where the very worst blizzards only seem to succeed in slowing the city down for a couple of hours. It’s one of what seem lately to be a decreasing number of advantages to living in this city. Continue reading New York City Winter

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Occupy Wall Street, on ice

It’s 33 degrees Fahrenheit at this moment in New York City, on the afternoon of October 29th, and the weather service says that it “feels like” 28. Having been outside quite a bit today in the torrential wet blowing snow, I can attest that it is not pleasant at all. My post from yesterday remains apropos: Occupy Wall Street: getting cooler, but not in the way they’d like.

And I like this:

(from Ben Lansing)

The Cinch Review

PAWZ: Rubber Boots for Dogs

Billie wearing PAWZ bootsIt’s a dog’s life. That expression was originally coined and used to characterize a life of misery (where you might be treated like a dog, get sick as a dog, and die like a dog). In more contemporary times it’s often heard and used in exactly the opposite sense, that of a dog’s life as one of carefree laziness, with every want fulfilled. Since dogs have, in many societies, gone from working beasts thrown scraps to pampered pets who shop at canine boutiques, it’s not hard to understand how the expression has garnered its new meaning. Continue reading PAWZ: Rubber Boots for Dogs