NPR credibility implosion continues

The Cinch Review

Blogger Patterico has a “read-it-to-believe-it” exchange, via Twitter and email, with the NPR ombudsman — that’s right — where she (Alicia Shepard) initially makes a false assertion for which she had no evidence (i.e. that Ron Schiller had said on the infamous tape that he was currently a Republican), then neglects to bother to listen to the recording when the relevant part is handed to her, and then … well, read it all.

(Definition of ombudsman: one that investigates, reports on, and helps settle complaints. Failing in spectacular fashion on every score here.)

Addendum: A number of NPR journalists have issued a letter saying that they were “appalled by the offensive comments made recently by NPR’s now former Senior Vice President for Development. His words violated the basic principles by which we live and work: accuracy and open-mindedness, fairness and respect.” OK. But in light of Patterico’s post, how about the accuracy, open-mindedness and fairness of NPR’s ombudsman? She had every chance to correct herself in some kind of timely manner, but just could not bring herself to do it.