Gilad Shalit and the Incongruous Swap

The Cinch Review

After five years of being kept as a hostage by the Islamic terrorist group Hamas in Gaza, Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit has returned to Israel today. In return, Israel is releasing over a thousand prisoners requested by Hamas (nearly five hundred released today) including many who committed murders and were involved in bombings.

It makes no sense, of-course. Aside from the absurd imbalance in swapping all of these convicted terrorists for one Israeli soldier who has not been accused of any crime, there is the obvious point that this only encourages Israel’s enemies to attempt to kidnap soldiers again in the future, knowing the enormous potential reward they can obtain through this tactic. Continue reading “Gilad Shalit and the Incongruous Swap”

Muslim prisoner in Ireland claims harsh abuse

The Cinch Review

45 year-old Ali Charaf Damache is in prison in County Cork, Ireland, awaiting trial on a charge of making a telephoned death threat. (He’s accused of making the death threat to an American in Detroit who had publicly claimed that most Muslims didn’t support terrorism such as the attempted Christmas Day bombing of 2009. Feel free to read that sentence twice.) Continue reading “Muslim prisoner in Ireland claims harsh abuse”