Parade in St. Louis for Iraq War veterans

The Cinch Review

Good for the people of St. Louis, Missouri, for throwing the first major parade welcoming home veterans of the war in Iraq. I sincerely hope we see this being repeated around the country. (Including and especially in New York City, by the way. I really don’t understand why Mayor Bloomberg claims he needs permission from the Pentagon to have a parade on Broadway. This is something that the people want to do. It is inappropriate—at the very least—to allow generals in Washington to overrule it.) Continue reading “Parade in St. Louis for Iraq War veterans”

Idiot Savant

Smart Dog

Smart dog vs idiot Marilyn vos Savant
There is a lightweight magazine called Parade which is bundled with a lot of Sunday newspapers in the United States. Those familiar with it will also be familiar with the “Ask Marilyn” column, wherein Marilyn vos Savant (whom we are told is listed in the “Guinness Book of World Records Hall of Fame” under “highest IQ”) deigns to answer the questions of us less cerebrally-gifted types. Her photo, perched atop the column, portrays her as perpetually about 39 years old, smiling and surprisingly benign-looking considering the awful burden of genius which she must bear.

I feel oddly compelled to read the column whenever I see it, and yet it never fails to aggravate me. For example, today Marilyn is asked why microwaved food cools faster than food heated in a regular oven. She answers: Continue reading “Idiot Savant”