Osama Bin Laden goes to Davey Jones’ Locker

The Cinch Review

The operation carried out by the Navy SEALS is obviously one for the history books. Bin Laden was living in a large walled compound (a “million dollar mansion”) in an urban area, not far from a military base, and he had to have had at least the tacit permission of elements of Pakistan’s security apparatus in order to do so. The danger to the SEALS was beyond calculation. They could not have a definite idea of what awaited them inside that compound. Yet, if all the reports so far are true, the operation was carried out with no American losses or injuries, in the space of forty minutes on the ground. That’s nothing short of fantastic. The military did their job with heroism and precision, and that has been the recurring story in the war that began on 9/11/2001. Continue reading “Osama Bin Laden goes to Davey Jones’ Locker”