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Aimless Republican debate in Ames, Iowa

Last night eight of the Republican candidates for president debated in Ames, Iowa, on the Fox News channel. Maybe it’s overdoing it to call it aimless, but it’s difficult to see how it moved the competition significantly beyond where it was before the debate happened. And the imminent entry of Texas Governor Rick Perry into the race will certainly shake things up far more dramatically than anything that occurred during the debate. And then there’s Sarah Palin, continuing to circle the election season like an ever-so-nonchalant bird of prey. Neither, obviously, was on the stage last night. Continue reading Aimless Republican debate in Ames, Iowa

The Cinch Review

Good news

Take it where you find it: Democrats Shelve Climate Bill (at least until after November when a lame-duck Congress may prove the most reckless and destructive ever).

And Charlie Rangel is (finally) charged with multiple ethics violations. The former Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, flouting the very tax law he wrote, and whatever else he could find to flout, is apparently going to receive a genuine wrist-slap. Ah, justice.