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Netanyahu and others at AIPAC

Ron and Allis Radosh report on the speeches at Monday’s important AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) meeting in Washington, and the mood of the attendees. The post via Pajamas Media is titled “Netanyahu Vs. the Shadow of Annihilation.”

Brief extract:

[Netanyahu] noted that some commentators have argued that it is less dangerous for Iran to get an atomic bomb than what it would take to stop them, since force would provoke a more vindictive response from Iran. Turning to history to prove his point, Netanyahu told the audience about the request that the World Jewish Congress had made to the U.S. War Department in 1944, asking that the allies bomb the railroad tracks at Auschwitz. Several weeks later they received their answer. The railroad tracks could not be destroyed, the Department wrote back, because it might “provoke” the Nazis to do even worse!

The Cinch Review

Obama: Pulling the Carpet from Under Israel

The last time President Obama attempted to fundamentally shift U.S. policy against Israel—when he tried to order the Israeli government to prevent Jews from building homes in Jerusalem—the backlash, domestically, and from Congress, was so severe that he had to back down. On this occasion, the situation is still developing—Netanyahu meets Obama today, and will himself address a joint session of the U.S. Congress on Tuesday—but I think in this case the damage to Israel is all but impossible to undo. (File it under “elections have consequences.”) Continue reading Obama: Pulling the Carpet from Under Israel