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Sure was glad to get out of there alive: Bob Dylan receives Medal of Freedom at White House [video added]

There was more than a little bit of “Day of the Locusts” about the Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony at the White House this afternoon, which I watched via C-Span. Bob Dylan was the last to be introduced, and also the last to receive the medal, which is odd, since otherwise they seemed to be following alphabetical order. Hmmm. Zimmerman? Or were they trying to create some drama regarding Bob? (Why would they do that?) He was the only recipient wearing shades, which he kept on throughout. He stayed pretty low-key, not even applauding other recipients as far as I could see. When standing beside President Obama and hearing the citation read out, he shifted restlessly from side to side. Quick handshake with the President afterwards but no real words exchanged, in contrast to how it went down with several other recipients. I did not observe Dylan smiling even once.

I somehow don’t think he was planning to hang around for dinner. Nevertheless, congratulations to Bob. His country has now honored him about as highly as it can, and that’s always better than a kick in the pants, regardless of how one might feel about the occupant of the Oval Office at the given time.

In about thirty days he kicks off a new tour in England. I suspect he’ll be considerably more comfortable on that stage, as always.

UPDATE: Video clip below.

The wearing of the sunglasses throughout an indoor ceremony seemed like a serious statement of aloofness, as was the absence of a simple smile (contrasted dramatically, I might add, with President Obama’s grinning). I guess I’d see it as Bob trying to keep himself from appearing overly friendly to the political aromas floating around. Others will make of it what they will.

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2012 Medal of Freedom ceremony at 3:25 p.m. today on C-Span

[Update: My brief take on how the ceremony went is here.]

C-Span now has a page up dedicated to the Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony scheduled for today, when Bob Dylan and a dozen other notables will be conferred with the award. (Via Expecting Rain.) There will apparently be a link on that page to live video, scheduled for 3:25 p.m. Eastern Time. C-Span 1 can also be viewed at this link.

Merely a chance to see Dylan cringe for a while and then get a medal draped around his neck, but historic all the same.

(The story of Jan Karski, who is being awarded the medal posthumously, is one that deserves to be highlighted.)

The Cinch Review

Bob Dylan to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

[Update: My brief take on how the ceremony went is here.]

Just announced today. Bob Dylan is one of thirteen people who will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom this year, along with astronaut John Glenn, writer Toni Morrison, Israeli President Shimon Peres, and former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. It’s considered the nation’s highest civilian honor (matched only by the legislative branch’s “Congressional Gold Medal”). The ceremony is reported to be planned for “late spring.” Continue reading Bob Dylan to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom