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Happy Independence Day: Say it with Firecrackers

Fourth of JulyHappy Fourth of July. Can’t go wrong with watching the YouTube clip linked below of an incomparable American artist literally lighting up the stage.

Click: Fred Astaire: “Say it with Firecrackers”

(Especially wishing a happy Independence Day to Mayor Bloomberg of my own New York City, who ought to very much appreciate the content of that performance.)

The Cinch Review

The Bloomberg versus the Giuliani way on Occupy Wall Street

In the early hours of this morning, the New York City Policy Department cleared Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan of hundreds of protesters, some of whom had been camping there since the “Occupy Wall Street” movement began two months ago. They were followed by an army of New York City Sanitation Department workers who moved in to remove tents, tarps and other accoutrements of the occupation, and to thoroughly disinfect the public plaza.

The decision to do this at this juncture came as a surprise, not least because Mayor Michael Bloomberg has vacillated for the past two months over how to address the problems created by the encampment; though he had largely seemed on the side of allowing the situation to continue until it might naturally peter out (with winter coming and all). Continue reading The Bloomberg versus the Giuliani way on Occupy Wall Street