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Dogs and their guilty looks

Dogs guilty looksAn incredibly elaborate study reported on at this link was carried out in order to try and determine once and for all whether dogs really look “guilty” when they know they have done something wrong. The result: Well, you can read it yourself, but my perception of the conclusion is that it remains utterly inconclusive.

Most dog owners of-course will swear that when they come home and the dog has invaded the garbage or relieved himself on the carpet or otherwise made a mess, that the dog acts guiltily even before any scolding words are said. A guilty look in a dog is generally considered to consist of such factors as ears being down, head held low, perhaps averted eyes, and a meekly wagging tail. Continue reading Dogs and their guilty looks

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Guilty of murder in Philadelphia

In the case centered around atrocities which took place for many years in the abortion clinic of Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia, two of his former employees today pleaded guilty to murder. One woman, Adrienne Moton, pleaded guilty to third-degree murder for picking up an infant that had been born alive and snipping the baby’s neck and spine with a scissors. The other woman, Sherry West, pleaded guilty to third-degree murder for administering a fatal overdose of anesthesia and painkiller medication to a woman who had come to the clinic for “treatment.” The infant who was killed was not named; the name of the adult victim was Karnamaya Mongar, who had arrived in the United States from Nepal only four months earlier. Continue reading Guilty of murder in Philadelphia