Another Home Garden Against the Law

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This is an obligatory Dylanosophy post, given the lines in Bob Dylan’s 1983 song, “Union Sundown.

They used to grow food in Kansas
Now they want to grow it on the moon and eat it raw
I can see the day coming when even your home garden
Is gonna be against the law

Yep, well, that day’s long come and gone, Bob. In truth, it is not especially news that virtually everyone in the United States is burdened by regulations and restrictions that keep them from using their property in ways in which they would choose, while doing harm to no one. People often opt to live in communities where everything is homogenized and sanitized, but sometimes the choice gets made for you. The latest story is really only news at all because the couple in question—in Orlando, Florida—are fighting back against the city which is telling them that they’re not allowed to grow vegetables in their front yard. They (Jason and Jennifer Helvenston) are now launching a protest campaign called “Plant a Seed, Change the Law,” seeking to win back the right to grow carrots and radishes on one’s own land in Orlando.

The city of Orlando is on track to begin fining them $500 a day, beginning Thursday. Continue reading “Another Home Garden Against the Law”

Jacksonville CNN Republican debate

The Cinch Review

Not going to belabor the blow-by-blow of last night’s Republican debate on CNN. Neither Romney nor Gingrich scored knockouts, which on balance is bad for Gingrich as the negative onslaught against him from Republican establishment figures has been taking its toll on his poll numbers. Rick Santorum had one or two very good moments, but he’s effectively conceded Florida anyway and clearly his only strategy for getting anywhere in this race is hanging on until Gingrich potentially implodes and drops out. Ron Paul was, from where I was sitting, the most likeable he’s been in any debate, with marvelous one-liners. I’ll reiterate what I’ve said before: Should both Gingrich and Santorum both throw in the towel, Ron Paul will continue making the race interesting for Mitt Romney well down the road. Paul’s strategy is obviously to just suck up as many delegates as he can so that he can wield some influence and grab a platform at the convention, so there is no reason for him to ever give up (unless he decides to go third party/independent after all). Continue reading “Jacksonville CNN Republican debate”