Spring Allergies To Be EXTRA Severe This Year

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Unusually tough allergy seasonIt’s the first week of April, and the headlines are piling up already:

“CDC warns spring allergies could be severe.”
“Spring allergies hitting early, could be more severe this year.”
“Spring allergy season has arrived, and it could be a bad one.”

Ever get the sense you’ve been here before? Actually, everyone’s here each and every year. It’s always the same. Just as with global warming, where any and every kind of weather event proves the theory, so with allergies: any and every kind of winter and early spring sets the stage for an especially tough allergy season. We reflected at greater length on this phenomenon last year:

As Usual, It Will Be an Unusually Bad Allergy Season.

The question is, who’s orchestrating it? Follow the money. Hmm. Big tissue?

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