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The evening before Election Day, pop singer Madonna gave a performance in support of Hillary Clinton, during which she sang John Lennon’s “Imagine,” implicitly sending the message, I guess, that if Hillary won we would be moving closer to a world with no heaven, no possessions, and no countries.

The critical mass of the American people declined to check off that box on the ballot yesterday, and if we wanted to go with a John Lennon song today the more apropos one would have to be “Power to the People.”

The post-election analyses will go on endlessly, but it’s clear enough at this moment that millions in small town and rural America went to the polls like rarely before, and they chose a brash New York City billionaire who since the very start of this long election season was the only candidate speaking their language, and the only one they trusted at all to clear out the deeply ingrained self-serving corruption of Washington DC.

Trump was opposed by every instrument and spokesperson of the establishment, and much more besides. Outside of those actually on his campaign and a tiny handful of commentators, it was awfully hard to find anyone in public life who would actually express support for his candidacy, while those who condemned him were everywhere.  The only solid support he had turned out to be the only solid support that mattered in the end: the support of voters. Trump did everything wrong, broke all the rules, did something that would destroy any other candidate every three or four days, and he won it all.

But what he has won is also an extraordinarily hard job. There are matters of great weight facing our country, and outside is the wide world and its turmoil. History keeps going, and it is moving with quite a tempo these days.  As many as voted for Donald Trump, I hope that far more can pray to God to help him be the best president he can be in the time allotted to him.

It is not likely to be boring.

And, by the way, folks, on that long list of things that were never supposed to happen but just did, a New Yorker just won the presidency.

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