The Smoking Gun in Sarah Palin’s Emails

It didn’t take yours truly too long to find it. On page 80 of this group of just-released scanned emails, there is this revealing missive from a newly minted “supporter” of Sarah Palin:

Sent: Friday, August 29th, 2008
To: Palin, Sarah H. (GOV)
Subject: Congratulations!

Governor Palin,

A few minutes ago I finished listening to your first speech as the US Vice Presidential candidate and I have to tell you it was electrifying! I believe you are going to bring a lot of energy and excitement to the Republican ticket. Congratulations! you make us proud.

You have already embarked in one of life’s most wonderful journeys; I am not talking about the Vice Presidency (although you have my unwavering support) I am talking about the journey of being the privilege parent of a special needs angel. Being blessed with one of our own, I can tell you that your life is forever changed, you see the world through a different lens and you appreciate each moment so much more.

I will proudly vote for the very first time in my life (because a US citizen in January of this year) in November giving you my support and awaiting to see you holding your baby in celebration of a victory.

Our regards to your lovely family,

The Castanedas

So there it is. It tells you everything you need to know about why Sarah Palin fiendishly created her alleged son Trig in the laboratory, knowing that his very existence would tug the heartstrings of people like the Castanedas in Texas, and get them to vote for her even though we all know that voting Republican is against the interests of Hispanic immigrants. Palin’s plan was set in motion decades ago, and there is nothing she will stop at to achieve the absolute power she seeks in order to turn Amerikkka into JesusLand and force the underclass to work 20-hour days hydrofracking the entire country so she and her animal-hating Alaskan cronies can ride their snowmobiles for five cents per gallon of gas.

If I worked for the NY Times/Washington Post/LA Times or the rest of them—even in the mailroom—I’d truly be embarrassed today. That is, even more than usual.