Sinéad O’Connor sings “Property of Jesus”

It’s on the enormous Amnesty International collection of Bob Dylan songs, titled Chimes of Freedom. Sinéad has never been one to do things halfway. This performance of “Property of Jesus” (which Bob Dylan recorded on his 1981 album Shot of Love) will put hairs your chest, or somewhere. But I have to say I do like it. Audio is available via YouTube below (and the photo is apparently of Sinéad and her new brand new husband. Best wishes and best of luck to both of ’em). (Update 12/27/11: Well, so much for that.)

Sinéad O’Connor, by the way, has a place on her (adults-only) website where she writes “Letters to Bob Dylan.” Sinéad had a tough childhood, in a particularly Irish Catholic way (to which I can, at least in part, relate). She expresses in her latest letter-to-Bob what Dylan’s music meant to her in that context. It’s strong stuff.

Now why do I value you so much? Because I love God. And despite the theocracy I knew God. And you especially, along with [Muhammad] Ali, whether you both intended to or not, manifested the reality of the presence of a LIVING God, who could send magical angels who wouldn’t even mean to be angels, or know they were angels. You made me know I wasnt imagining things when I saw god beyond religion. And your voice was like a rope you threw to me whenever I was drowning in ‘Ireland-isms’ which was too achingly often. And still can be (When I’m crushed by Ireland-ism I listen to you singing Blind Willie Mc Tell, or Meet Me In The Morning VERY loud.. What a fucking drummer! Or I Feel A Change Coming On. You believed in Jesus. And consequently, as a child when I was ordered to lie naked on my back and open my body wide on floors, to be stamped on, your voice would come to my mind “God don’t make promises that he don’t keep”.