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Searching for a Soldier’s Grave

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A superb rendition by three Americans named Floyd, Marcia and Evelena of this deeply poignant old song, as resonant today as it ever has been. (Via YouTube.)

You ask me stranger why I made this journey
Why I cross three thousand miles of ocean waves
Like many others my loved one was killed in action
And that’s why I’m here, I’m searching for his grave

Somewhere here among the many thousands
Of Americans who all died true and brave
That’s where I know I’ll find him resting
So I’m here, I’m searching for his grave

Beside each cross mark here all around me
I’ll kneel down and gladly say a prayer
For all those loved ones back home across the ocean
Whose heart like mine is buried over here

When I come to the spot where he’s sleeping
I know it will cause more heartaches inside
But I’ll long to be by his side once more and tell him
Tell him I love him and I will until I die

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