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The Truth About Sarah Palin and Jared Loughner

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We previously have been told that Jared Loughner’s father saw him on the morning of the shooting (Saturday, January 8th) when he had in his hands a black bag, possibly taken from the trunk of the family car.

We have also been told that Jared Loughner fled with that bag into the desert, and that his father, Randy Loughner, was concerned enough about this circumstance that he pursued his son. He failed to catch up with him.

Now, it is reported that a black bag has been found in the vicinity of where the Loughners live, filled with 9mm ammunition — the same kind used in the massacre in Tucson later that day.

So here is the question: Why did Sarah Palin allow Jared Loughner to run away with ammunition without then notifying the authorities? Didn’t Sarah Palin know that Jared Loughner was mentally unstable? Didn’t Sarah Palin have reason to fear what Jared Loughner might do with said ammunition? What was Sarah Palin trying to hide by failing to at least call the police and report that Jared Loughner was on the run and possibly a danger to himself, at the least? How long has Sarah Palin been covering up for Jared Loughner? Isn’t it fair to presume that Todd Palin has also been involved in this cover-up? What did Trig Palin know about Jared Loughner’s mental condition? Is Jared Loughner in fact Trig Palin’s true father? Wouldn’t that actually explain the entire sequence of events? Why has Andrew Sullivan been so silent on this possibility?

Did Sarah Palin shoot Andrew Sullivan?


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