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Police Dog Named Jynx Tries to Save Fallen Deputy

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Dog newsIn the Albany Township area of Pennsylvania, a deputy sheriff named Kyle Pagerly and his trained police dog, a three year-old German Shepherd named Jynx, were part of a task force of law enforcement officers searching for a fugitive named Matthew Connor. Connor had donned camouflage and taken up position in the woods, in what has been described as a sniper’s nest, bearing a semiautomatic rifle. Jynx detected him and gave the alert to his handler. A shootout ensued, in which both the deputy sheriff and the fugitive suffered fatal gunshot wounds. It is reported that after Deputy Sheriff Pagerly was shot, his dog Jynx attempted to pull him to safety by the leg of his pants.

The sheriff of the county, Eric J. Weaknecht, is quoted as saying:

When we went to notify Pagerly’s wife, one of her first questions was, where is Jynx? He will be retiring. Jynx is part of their family and the family has been torn apart enough already.

More details in the Reading Eagle.

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