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Pigs Steal Milk from Cuban Farm Dog

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Dog newsIt’s one of those feel-good stories of the day, I suppose. In Camaguey, Cuba, reports the Associated Press, Yeti the farm dog has not only fed her own litter of pups but has been “adopted” by fourteen piglets who now run to her to get sustenance in addition to what they are getting from their natural mothers.

Apparently this just happened spontaneously and the dog has gone along with it, as have the farm owners who are now reaping whatever meager rewards they may get from the publicity surrounding the phenomenon.

Doggy momYet, judging by the pictures accompanying the story, this poor pooch is pretty emaciated; she’s all skin and bone, at least by the standards we’d apply in capitalist canine America. Far from feeling good about a supposedly heartwarming tale of interspecies milk trading, I think the reaction of any decent person ought to be: “Get those pigs away from that dog!”

But Cuba is Cuba, after all. Maybe the interpretation of the situation, by both the Cubans and the compliant international media, has something to do with Karl Marx’s old slogan, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” And pigs aren’t too shy about expressing their needs. Remember “Animal Farm.”