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Out of office

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I haven’t been posting a whole lot in the past week, due to distractions and whatnot, but this is just to say I’ll be posting even less in the next seven days or so, due to traveling beyond the reaches of reliable Wi-Fi. (That’s right: it’s a scuba-diving trip in the Mariana Trench.)

If I can, I’ll probably throw some comments out on the first great Romney/Obama debate, which is occurring this coming Wednesday, October 3rd, but we’ll see. There won’t be any shortage of commentary; at least that’s my firm wager and I’ll cover all takers.

The presidential campaign lately has been strange and uninspiring, leaving the feeling that the most urgent topics are being bypassed, and everybody is tied in knots with trivialities while the Titanic is getting ready to sink to the bottom. But what else is new?

May the Lord have mercy on us all.

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