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Occupy Wall Street: getting cooler, but not in the way they’d like

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At Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan this morning, the New York City Fire Department moved in and removed generators and gasoline from the small encampment of protesters which has been hunkering in that location for about five weeks. Naturally enough, the tiny public plaza was never intended for the kinds of activities taking place, and fire codes were being violated all over the place in the name of heating and cooking. Until now, a blind eye had been turned to it. It is an interesting time to now turn an unblind eye towards it, one must say, with temperatures having just plummeted in the New York City area, and with actual snow being predicted for tomorrow night.

However, here’s hoping the brave demonstrators can hang in and keep up their good work in rebuilding our weak economy. Just look at the news today: the Dow has soared back over 12,000, and consumer spending reportedly rose in the third quarter! It’s remarkable what can be achieved by a small crowd of determined souls, keeping vigil outside the New York Stock Exchange and lifting the spirits of the workers there with their drumming, chanting and positive-thinking. Kudos to those donors who have kept them supplied with cash and strengthened them physically with organic chicken, smoked salmon and sheep’s-milk-cheese salads.

It’s a shame the FDNY had to take away their generators, but clearly they’re just doing their job in protecting the public safety. Of-course if the police had moved in to perform the very same task, we’d now be watching endless reports on the ensuing riots. But no one (I’m pretty sure) is going to physically attack New York City fire-fighters only a few blocks away from where the Twin Towers collapsed.

Again: interesting timing.

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