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Nobel peformance art?

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The Nobel Peace Prize has long been degenerating into a vapidly-politicized joke, and this surely qualifies as the punchline: The European Union has been awarded the prize today.

Split between the populations of the various EU states, the roughly $1.2 million prize will amount to something that would probably require ha’penny coinage to distribute; ah, but the Euro does not feature such denominations.

So, a president wins the Nobel Peace Prize for the great achievement of merely winning the U.S. election. A wannabee super-state, administered in the least democratic fashion that the bureaucrats and political elites can get away with, wins the Nobel Peace Prize for merely existing.

All this, while the world teems with brave individuals opposing tyranny and repression, all essentially nameless and subject to being eliminated by the regimes they oppose. Many of them sure could use the positive attention brought by a Nobel Peace Prize. But then, there is so little time, and there are so many punchlines to deliver.

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