Kilo the hero pit bull stops bullet with his skull and lives

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Dog newsA 12-year-old pit bull named Kilo played a heroic role in defeating a home-invader armed with a gun. The events occurred in Staten Island, New York. An armed criminal dressed as Fed-Ex deliveryman is reported to have been pushing his way into an apartment occupied by Justin Becker and his girlfriend Nicole Percoco. Becker managed to knock the gunman down and jam his body with the door, so that he was lying halfway inside the apartment.

At that point Kilo the dog appeared around the corner to investigate. The thug was clearly spooked by the sight of the pit bull and decided to fire his gun in its direction, hitting Kilo in the head. At that point the craven criminal extricated himself and ran off.

Becker refused to believe his dog Kilo would just die, and instead picked him up and rushed him to the South Shore Animal Hospital in nearby New Dorp. There, an x-ray revealed that the bullet had not entered Kilo’s brain, but had ricocheted off of his skull and exited through his neck. Kilo is now resting at home with medication and a $2,200 vet bill.

If Kilo had not appeared and taken that bullet, it’s easy to think that the invader might have fired it at the dog’s owner instead. So Kilo the pit bull deserves kudos. Not bad for a dog who qualifies, at the age of 12, for senior-citizen status.

Get well soon.

Addendum: Questions have been raised about this story in various outlets. One question is: Why, apparently, did the couple wait several hours before calling the police to report the armed attack? Why did the reported invader choose that particular apartment to rob? And why, after all, is the dog’s name Kilo?

Questions, questions. I don’t know the answers. Life is never simple. But dogs are, and that’s why we love them. Kilo was acting with the purist of motives when he stepped up to defend his owners and their home. And the owner was also acting out of love in rushing him to the vet to be saved. So, for our purposes here, let’s just leave it at that.