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Imagine all the civility

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A compilation of tweets wishing for Sarah Palin to be shot and/or killed in various ways, posted to YouTube:

Notice that many were sent on Saturday, January 8th, in the immediate aftermath of the shooting in Tucson.

This was before Sarah Palin had been so uncouth as to inject herself into the debate over the shooting, by daring to defend herself and other conservatives from the charge that they inspired Jared Loughner to commit murder.

And how ’bout those Sarah Palin-hating posters being put up in San Francisco and no doubt spreading fast?

I know that the same kinds of people people hated Reagan like this, and they hated George W. Bush like this, but for there to be this kind of focus of vile toxic hatred on someone who is not even officially a candidate for president yet … it’s unbelievable.

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