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I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine

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Bob Dylan’s newest concert tour kicked off yesterday in the Emerald Isle. The set list from his show in County Cork isn’t a violent departure from recent tours, but features one song that is not heard all that often: “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine,” from the album John Wesley Harding. Curiously enough, the last time he played it was apparently in Dublin, Ireland, in 2005 (according to His Bobness Info).

There are no live versions by Bob extant on YouTube, but I did just listen to this cover version by a duo calling themselves “Two Travellers at Midnight” that I think is rather nice indeed. Nothing radical, but they’re feeling it.

It’s a remarkable song.

I dreamed I saw St. Augustine
Alive as you or me
Tearing through these quarters
In the utmost misery
With a blanket underneath his arm
And a coat of solid gold
Searching for the very souls
Whom already have been sold

Addendum: I neglected to note that because there was no “Blowin’ in the Wind” or “Times They Are-A-Changin'” in the set list, it must be presumed that the Irish government, like the Chinese, censored Dylan in order to prevent his fierce protest songs from igniting the fury of the masses. And again, Dylan has capitulated! What can you say? He just hasn’t been the same since ’64.

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3 thoughts on “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine

  1. just got my ticket for the florida show – not listed on dylan’s official tour dates is the fact that leon russell is the special guest!

  2. “I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine” is an exquisitely sad song. The sadness seems to be for the whole world.

  3. In addition to the curious Ireland connection, let it be known that the first time he’s played this in almost 6 years happens to fall on the first available day after June 15, which is when the Orthodox Church commemorates St. Augustine.

    Yes, I’m still banking on his religious vows at St. Herman’s Church, until he directly refutes me. I await another letter to his fans and followers ;)

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