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Happy Passover

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Passover begins today at sundown, and a very happy one is wished to all celebrating. Recently the venerable Bob Cohen sent me this link to a story by Louie Kemp on a Passover seder he shared with Bob Dylan and Marlon Brando. The story has been out there a while, but if you haven’t read it, I think you’d find it entertaining.

I will never forget the sight of our table in the synagogue, Marlon Brando was to my left and sitting next to him was his guest. This was during the height of Marlon’s involvement with Native American causes and he had brought with him noted Indian activist Dennis Banks of Wounded Knee fame. Banks was dressed in full Indian regalia: buckskin tassles on his clothes and long braids hanging down from a headband, which sported a feather. My childhood friend Bob Dylan sat to my right joined by his wife, my sister Sharon and other friends.

Addendum: And I see that Harold Lepidus has gathered together more Dylan/Passover related trivia at the Bob Dylan Examiner.

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