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Guilty of murder in Philadelphia

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In the case centered around atrocities which took place for many years in the abortion clinic of Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia, two of his former employees today pleaded guilty to murder. One woman, Adrienne Moton, pleaded guilty to third-degree murder for picking up an infant that had been born alive and snipping the baby’s neck and spine with a scissors. The other woman, Sherry West, pleaded guilty to third-degree murder for administering a fatal overdose of anesthesia and painkiller medication to a woman who had come to the clinic for “treatment.” The infant who was killed was not named; the name of the adult victim was Karnamaya Mongar, who had arrived in the United States from Nepal only four months earlier.

The court appointed lawyer for Ms. West—Michael Wallace—is quoted as saying that “she was in need of money” when she took the job. And further that: “I think she probably didn’t realize the significance of what she was doing.”

And indeed I can only imagine that it must be very difficult, when working in an abortion clinic, to appreciate the significance of killing someone.

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