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Friday: Bob Dylan covers Rebecca Black

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I guess this is too funny to let pass; that is, Bob Dylan’s cover version of Rebecca Black’s, er, song, Friday — if anyone hasn’t yet seen it. [Update: Yes, I know it’s not actually Bob Dylan.]

To get it you need to endure at least a minute of Rebecca Black’s original. It takes the genre of prepubescent pop to a new level of utterly inane and maddening atrociousness. (But it’s not nearly as good as I’m making it sound there.)

And then, turn down the volume, and take in Bob Dylan’s cover version, below. The parody performer is pretty much dead-on. The way Dylan sings, “Fun, fun, fun,” is just, well, heartbreaking.

Great stuff, although keeping it a minute or two shorter would’ve sharpened Bob’s version. But then, he’s always had a thing for those long tunes.

Addendum 3/22/2011: Rebecca Black’s original clip has, at the time of writing, now been viewed over 33.5 million times.

Some are predicting that it will become the most viewed clip in YouTube history. But I guess that’s not really equivalent to the accolade Irving Berlin can claim for White Christmas, as the best selling song of all time. After all, it’s free to watch Friday, and so many people (maybe most?) are watching it from the premise of irony alone.

But for those who really have enjoyed it, there’s good news: Rebecca Black is planning a follow-up. No reaction from Bob Dylan, as yet.

An’ here I sit so patiently
Waiting to find out what price
You have to pay to get out of
Going through all these things twice

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