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Dolphins attempt to eat lost dog

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Dog newsIn Marco Island, Florida, bloodthirsty bottlenose dolphins tried to devour an eleven year-old Doberman which had fallen into a canal.

Oh, alright: that’s not exactly how it’s being reported elsewhere, but who really knows? The Daily News headlines it as: “Dolphins help rescue lost dog after it gets stuck in canal.”

The senior-citizen Doberman, named Turbo, disappeared through an open gate at his home last Sunday night. His owner, Cindy Burnett, reported that she and her sons drove up and down searching for him, but he remained missing for 15 hours.

Eventually, neighbors heard loud splashing coming from some canal water near the shore. A group of bottlenose dolphins were making the noise. They had surrounded the Doberman, who was treading water. A woman got down into the canal and pulled Turbo out. Perhaps just in time.

Everyone loves a good “dolphins rescue drowning dog” story, of-course, but I still say we really don’t know for sure what was going on. Anyone who thinks bottlenose dolphins are all sweetness and light has obviously never been a mackerel in a previous life. I’m just sayin’.

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