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Dogs Scared to Walk Past Cats (with video)

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Dogs scared of walking past evil catsDogs of every size and shape can easily be intimidated by a lounging feline, and turned into nervous, dithering wrecks by nothing more than a little cat’s impassive stare. If there were any doubt, the video embedded below compiles more than ample documentary evidence to that effect.

Dog after dog, large and small, is coaxed by its owner to come, where coming involves simply walking past a cat that is lying down in a hallway, on a staircase, or other somewhat confined quarters. There’s more than enough space for the dogs to stroll past without colliding with the cats, and yet the dogs are transformed to jelly by the seemingly nonchalant kitties. They stop, linger uncertainly, turn around, or just lie down themselves in abject surrender, despite the entreaties of their owners. It is surely something to do with the incomprehensibility of the cat’s face. A cat may be ready to rub against you and purr, or tear your face off with its claws, but you will hardly know which it will be through any indication on its countenance. Dogs, by contrast so very open and expressive in their aspect, are flummoxed by these mysterious animals. Then, of-course, there is the tail issue. A dog wags its tail to demonstrate his or her friendliness and non-threatening intent (as do most of the dogs in the video) but when a cat wags its tail there is only an inner hell waiting to be unleashed.

The coda of the video shows those dogs who—persuaded by their owners—overcome their terror, and finally sidle their way inoffensively past the cats. And what do they get for their courage, and for trusting their owners? Those lounging, nonchalant kitties wait for the perfect moment and BAM!—they lash out with their claws against the passing haunches of the poor pooches.

There is no way to characterize what is portrayed here except as an especially pure kind of evil. It warrants study for that reason alone.


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