Dog Falls 150 Feet Off Cliff; Breaks Tooth

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Dog newsWell, so goes the story from UPI, although it doesn’t really sell me on the full 150 feet part. Of-course, anything is possible.

A woman named Gwen Hall was walking her 5 year-old Bernese mountain dog, called Sasha, in Washington State’s Olympic Mountains. The dog “took off after a mountain goat” and in the process at some point ran right off a cliff. The owner failed to find the dog, but later six volunteers from an organization called Olympic Mountain Rescue succeeded in both finding and rescuing her. Sasha is reported only to have an injured paw and that broken tooth.

Lesson: When wandering in the mountains with a dog who chases goats, the dog might benefit from wearing either a leash or a parachute.

The goat could not be reached for comment, but his laughter is apparently still echoing off the mountain peaks.