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Dog named “Doc” helps with post-traumatic stress disorder

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Dog newsAn organization called “Patriot Rovers” based in North Carolina trains Golden Retrievers adopted from the pound to provide comfort and support to U.S. military veterans. One such (as reported in the Daily Advance) is named Doc Russell, after army medic Ryan “Doc” Russell who gave his life carrying out his duty in Iraq in 2007. The founder of Patriot Rovers, David Cantara, likes when possible to name the service dogs after fallen U.S. service members, when the families agree. The 11 month-old Golden Retriever named Doc lives with an Iraq war veteran named Ray. He comforts him during anxiety attacks and is trained to bark and lick his hand when he has upsetting nightmares. Ray, who’s suffered enormously from the after-affects of his war-time service, attests: “He has given me a whole new outlook on life.”

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