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What A Friend We Have In Jesus

There is never a bad time to hear the song What A Friend We Have In Jesus, is there? Alright; I’m speaking as a Christian (although I wonder if at least some who confess no formal creed might admit to feeling similarly). But whenever I hear this song, no matter how corny or how thrilling the particular version might be, it lifts me up on some indefinable level and genuinely comforts something deep inside, whether you want to characterize that something as a Jungian inner child or a deep and dark weeping soul. It’s a song that gets to the heart of the matter.

Can we find a friend so faithful
Who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness;
Take it to the Lord in prayer.
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The Cinch Review

Lou Reed – New York

Review of Lou Reed: New York

Former mayor of New York City Ed Koch must have been feelin’ pretty groovy when the 59th St. Bridge was renamed in honor of Hizzoner. Koch is a big, likeable personality and a quintessential New Yorker without any doubt. Yet, it’s a little bit funny, this renaming of a bridge for him. Were the Koch years (1977 – 1989) such great ones for the city of New York, honestly? There were 2,246 murders in New York City in 1989 – the final year of Koch’s third and final term as mayor. By comparison, in 2009, there were 778 (the source I’m referencing doesn’t have figures for 2010 yet). Crime isn’t everything, but in New York City, it’s a helluva lot. The insecurity that rising crime gave to the city, from the mid-1960s on, fostered a sense of decay and futility, which fed itself and led to more crime. It ate at the city economically and spiritually; how could it not? It wasn’t all Koch’s fault, by any means, but he had three terms to make a dent in it. He didn’t. The annual murder rate remained well over 2,000 during the term of Koch’s successor, David Dinkins, but then started dropping dramatically under Rudolph Giuliani and his revamped policing strategies, beginning in 1994. Continue reading Lou Reed – New York

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The Loudness War “is over”

Is the music industry’s Loudness War actually over? It would be very good news. I noticed a lot of traffic on my old post about the problems with Bob Dylan’s 21st century CDs a few days ago. It turns out that March 25th was “Dynamic Range Day” — a day set by audio activists to bring attention to the Loudness War (wherein much modern music is deliberately mastered too loud at the end of the production process — destroying the natural gulf between the quieter and louder part of a recording — in the perverse and evil belief that this will help the music sell better). Continue reading The Loudness War “is over”

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Daily Mail Deserves Raspberry for Bob Dylan “Story”

The story in the Daily Mail contains undated photographs of Bob Dylan, said to be taken recently outside of a synagogue in Los Angeles, California. Fine: Dylan visited a synagogue. Those interested in the subject are aware that Bob makes observances of this kind, and good for him. However, the bulk of the story seems without source or evidence, and is really just a cheap violation of Dylan’s privacy. Continue reading Daily Mail Deserves Raspberry for Bob Dylan “Story”