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Don’t get the plague from sleeping with your dog!

Dog newsThere’s a story in which reports on two cases of bubonic plague (both victims recovered) in the state of Oregon. The individuals apparently caught the disease via infected fleas from their dog, which shared their bed.

Hmm. We live in New York City, in a residential area of Manhattan where the rate of dog ownership is tremendously high, based on how many dogs you see outside being walked at any given time. An especially high proportion of these dogs are small ones — poodles, pugs, terriers and the like. How many do you think sleep on their owners’ beds?

I guess this must be why we are awakened every morning by the chilling sounds of a clanging bell, the rolling wheels of a cart, and the grim and repetitive command: “Bring out your dead!” Continue reading Don’t get the plague from sleeping with your dog!

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Dolphins attempt to eat lost dog

Dog newsIn Marco Island, Florida, bloodthirsty bottlenose dolphins tried to devour an eleven year-old Doberman which had fallen into a canal.

Oh, alright: that’s not exactly how it’s being reported elsewhere, but who really knows? The Daily News headlines it as: “Dolphins help rescue lost dog after it gets stuck in canal.”

The senior-citizen Doberman, named Turbo, disappeared through an open gate at his home last Sunday night. His owner, Cindy Burnett, reported that she and her sons drove up and down searching for him, but he remained missing for 15 hours. Continue reading Dolphins attempt to eat lost dog

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Abortion billboard removed in New York City

The billboard is down, but the message has been sent, not least by all the attention given to the story in the media.

Anti-abortion billboardThe anti-abortion organization, Life Always, bought the space on the billboard, which featured a picture of a young African-American girl, and the statement, “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb.” The billboard was in the elite area of Manhattan known as SoHo, known for its expensive boutique stores, galleries and restaurants. A Planned Parenthood center is also nearby.

The statement on the billboard may have been in reference to recently-released figures which indicated that the rate of abortion amongst black women in New York is 59.8% (the overall rate amongst all pregnant women was more than 40%). Nationally, while African-Americans constitute about 13% of the U.S. population, they account for 30% of abortions in the country (Guttmacher Institute). The persistently high rates of abortion amongst black women in America has led some to characterize the phenomenon as a silent genocide. Continue reading Abortion billboard removed in New York City

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Official state gun of Arizona

ColtThe state of Utah actually kicked things off a month ago, with a bill to designate the Browning M1911 semiautomatic pistol as that state’s official state gun. Utah would be the first state to have an official firearm. Now, there’s a proposal in neighboring Arizona to name the classic Colt single-action army revolver as the official gun of the Grand Canyon State (thanks to Mike for the tip). I must say that I do like the idea of going for an iconic firearm of the American West like that one. Continue reading Official state gun of Arizona