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Wind Farms Cause Climate Change

From the BBC:

Wind farms, especially big ones, generate turbulence that can significantly alter air temperatures near the ground, say researchers.

As turbines often stand on agricultural land, these changes could in turn affect crop productivity.


But Jonathan Scurlock, chief adviser on climate change and renewable energy at the National Farmers Union, said that using wind energy was “one of many measures, which can be [used] to mitigate climate change”. “The major threats to agriculture in terms of changing the air temperature come directly from the fossil fuel industry and deforestation, increasing CO2 concentration in the atmosphere,” he added.


But Dr Roy noted that even though wind farms were unlikely to have an effect on global climate change, “the impacts on local climate can be large”.

He also said that the study was not about comparing wind power to any other technology, but about considering and addressing possible side effects of this green energy.

“Wind energy is likely to be a part of the solution of the global warming problem,” he said.

“Often, in a rush to implement new technologies, we ignore possible side‐effects that may show up in the future.

What’s in question is local climate change. In the end, of-course, all climate is local. It doesn’t much matter to you if you’re told the world has gotten two degrees warmer when your house is buried in snow and your pipes are freezing. In any case, the law of unintended consequences continues to rule, while the global warming advocates with their grand schemes to remake the world continue to stumble ahead regardless.

Addendum: And of-course, as has become increasingly well-known, wind turbines are also unbearably loud for people living nearby.

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Life’s a Miracle

Via Joe Carter (Fine-Tuning an Argument and a Universe) I followed a link to this page on Hugh Ross, an astrophysicist who has identified twenty-six “parameters for the universe [which] must have values falling within narrowly defined ranges for life of any kind to exist.”

It certainly makes for some fascinating reading, and if you like you can click the button below for an appropriate musical accompaniment. The parameters are listed below the clip. Continue reading Life’s a Miracle

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No Pressure

Via Iowahawk, via Tim Blair, the video below was seriously made to promote the idea of British citizens reducing their carbon emissions as part of a so-called “10:10” campaign.

Men, women and children: step right up to be blown to graphic and bloody smithereens if you dare be skeptical of the global warming narrative as dictated by your betters. Reduce your carbon or die.

As Iowahawk correctly emphasizes, when you think of the time and effort and resources that went into making this quite elaborate clip, and all the people along the way who must have thought it was a good idea … it oughta be frightening.

It could be funny only as a parody of the perverse insanity of global warming extremists. But since it’s not intended as a parody, but rather as propaganda boosting that point of view, it is utterly bone chilling. Like fascism with a wry smile.

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Stem cells without embryos

It is some time ago that pluripotent stem cells were first created by inducing skin cells (non-embryonic) to transform into such, but the latest news has been developed into a much more efficient one, and so shows enormous promise in developing regenerative therapies that might be applied to diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s and to spinal cord injuries. By bypassing the ethical (not to mention technical) obstacles involved in getting these kinds of cells through the destruction of human embryos, this gives cause to everyone to celebrate, right?

Well, apparently not. Wesley Smith, who has studied and written on these issues for many years, asserts the reason why strong advocacy of experimentation on human embryos will continue apace:

Why? Because stem cell advances are not the end game. As I wrote here, they are merely the opening stanza of a much longer symphony that seeks to open the door to Brave New World technologies such as genetic engineering and enhancement, that requires cloning and experimenting on the resulting embryos to perfect.