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Daily Mail Deserves Raspberry for Bob Dylan “Story”

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The story in the Daily Mail contains undated photographs of Bob Dylan, said to be taken recently outside of a synagogue in Los Angeles, California. Fine: Dylan visited a synagogue. Those interested in the subject are aware that Bob makes observances of this kind, and good for him. However, the bulk of the story seems without source or evidence, and is really just a cheap violation of Dylan’s privacy. The story by Hugo Daniel is titled: Bob Dylan’s Blues: Ashen-faced singer’s synagogue trip after death of his soulmate. That’s referring to Suze Rotolo’s death over a month ago. How does the Daily Mail know that he’s visiting the synagogue for that reason on this particular day? They claim no source: they don’t know. It seems to just be a gimmicky hook to sensationalize some surreptitiously snapped photos of Bob.

What’s the matter? Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen not providing enough headlines these days?

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4 thoughts on “Daily Mail Deserves Raspberry for Bob Dylan “Story”

  1. The whole article is completely bogus. Its not like synagogue is like a Catholic church where people can go when they feel like it and say a prayer (hey I’m Jewish so let me know if I am totally off). Also there is nothing in Judaism where you would wait a month to say a prayer after some one dies.

  2. The whole article may indeed be “completely bogus”, but you can stop into a synagogue to say kaddish (during the 11 months after the death, at a time when there is a prayer service).

    And there is the concept of ‘shloshim’, the 30th day from the burial. Often there are gatherings of relatives/friends to mark the shloshim. Not to say that any of this was going on here – just as point of fact. Yes, very intrusive ‘reporting’.

  3. i may be way off here but i think bob went there to say a prayer for elizabeth taylor who converted to judaism and bob reportedly wrote emotionally yours for

  4. I agree that a more probable motive for the visit was to pay last respects to Liz. So the article was total speculation.

    Sean…any idea which song on Infidels was written “about” Bob’s neighbor Valerie?

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