Emmylou Harris Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Emmylou Harris and Co. – “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”

“Will the Circle Be Unbroken?” is a song that just doesn’t get old, and Emmylou Harris is a singer about ...
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Jihad Garland Texas

Jihad in Garland, Texas

We might have woken up to news of dozens of people shot to death at a cartoon exhibition in Texas, ...
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Frank Sinatra Send in the Clowns

Frank Sinatra – “Send in the Clowns”

“Send in the Clowns”: It’s an odd song, isn’t it? A bit queer, you could even say. It’s not so ...
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Coyote Battery Park City New York

Coyote Caught in Battery Park City, New York

New York, New York, it’s a wonderful town / The Bronx is up and the Battery’s down / The people ...
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The Cinch Review

We’ve Redesigned Ourselves

Not at all trying to steal the limelight from Bruce Jenner, but as you might have noticed we at THE ...
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George Jones last words

Last Words of George Jones

The singer George Jones died two years ago. His widow Nancy Jones was recently interviewed, and she revealed something of ...
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The Strange Inclination of Christian Church Institutions Against Israel

I am continually and genuinely perplexed when major Christian institutions—whether that be particular Protestant denominations or indeed the great Roman ...
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Billie Holiday centenary

Billie Holiday and What a Little Moonlight Can Do

Today’s the centenary of the great Billie Holiday’s birth, on April 7th, 1915. She died far too soon, only 44 ...
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Spring Allergies To Be EXTRA Severe This Year

It’s the first week of April, and the headlines are piling up already: – “CDC warns spring allergies could be ...
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