Assyrians impaling Jew 700 BC

Inspirational Thought of the Day

Today while re-reading Abraham Joshua Heschel’s great work The Prophets, I came across this passage which put me in a ...
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racism versus nihilimsm

Racism versus Nihilism

With reference to my previous post (Manifestly Wrong: Charleston, the Media, and Nihilism), Martin R. emails and says: Since when ...
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Manifestly Wrong: Charleston, the Media, and Nihilism

It’s happened again—it happens every time, and there is no simple obvious solution that would prevent it from happening in ...
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pope galileo wrong

Pope Getting It Wrong on Galileo (Again)

It’s been said both within and without the Vatican that Pope Francis’ encyclical regarding the environment and climate change is ...
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hacked chinese takeaway

A Hacked World and the Chinese Takeaway

Following the revelation that private personnel data (including Social Security numbers) for 4 million federal employees was siphoned from government ...
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God She He Gender Fluid

God: She, He, Or Gender Fluid?

Some female priests of the Church of England are reportedly advocating that liturgical texts ought to be changed to sometimes ...
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tipping via bono and les moonves

Advice on Tipping: Bono versus Les Moonves

Bella Haig is eighty years of age, and has been a server at Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles for fifty ...
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New York in June

I Like New York in June

52° (F), raw and raining is what it is on this June 2nd; the same as it was on June ...
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A Rat in Need …

Researchers at Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan have been investigating whether rats are helpful to one another in times of ...
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