Paul Westphal, rest in peace

I was deeply saddened to hear that Paul Westphal passed away yesterday, at the age of 70, having been diagnosed ...
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religious alchemist

Leonard Cohen: Religious Alchemist [First Things]

Yet one more appreciation of the great Leonard Cohen, this one from yours truly at First Things: Leonard Cohen was ...
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Unknowing the Enemy

Seven months ago, in the Paris jihad attacks, 130 people were killed. Then there were 14 killed in the jihad ...
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dog looking in the mirror

The Dog in the Mirror

Do you believe that looking at yourself in the mirror makes you smart? Do you tend to presume that other ...
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Happy Passover

The Bible tells stories, that’s all; except that these stories cause tidal waves and earthquakes: the mountains leap, the mighty ...
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Gun at Robert F. Kennedy school

Karma Comes Up Short for Robert F. Kennedy School

A few years back I wrote in this space about a public school in New York City that was utilizing ...
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Bob Dylan "Melancholy Mood"

Bob Dylan, “Melancholy Mood”

It is (in the sense of those things these days) Bob Dylan’s hot new single: “Melancholy Mood.” The song is ...
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Restaurant owner Hany Baransi

One Day in America

Restaurant owner Hany Baransi It’s all in how you look at it, isn’t it? “Oh, a few people got stabbed ...
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Three Score and Ten

It was a passing thing, the merest of blips in the constantly gushing torrent of news, if even by chance ...
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