Chihuahua Chases Armed Robbers from California Store

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Dog news

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office has released surveillance video apparently taken during the robbery of a smoke shop in Altadena, California. The 21 second clip (below) shows two masked intruders, one carrying a bag and the other a rifle, running into the smoke shop and loudly demanding “Give me your money.” While the bag is on the counter a Chihuahua runs out barking madly, making one robber back up quickly to the exit in obvious fright, pulling the one with the rifle in front of him as if for protection. The rifle is momentarily pointed at the unfazed pooch. The bag is grabbed again—presumably with some loot in it—and the robbers escape, but the flustered criminals are pursued valiantly down the street by the clearly apoplectic Chihuahua.

The dog is reported to have returned, unhurt. I say give him a juicy steak, and a .357 Magnum for the next time.