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Sun, Vitamin D, Cancer, and the Vindication of Common Sense

It used to be that mothers would tell their children, “Go out and play in the sunshine, it’s good for you.” In more recent years, saying something like that too loudly might have gotten a poor mom arrested and her children taken away from her. “The sun, good for you? Are you crazy? Are you trying to kill your kids with skin cancer?” At least, make sure the urchins are slathered all over in 45 SPF sunscreen, and preferably wearing hats and long sleeves. You might call this the Gospel of St. John the Dermatologist, and it has now been extremely well learned and internalized by a couple of generations of people in the United States and to varying degrees across what we call the developed world. And this much is now clear: it has been killing people. Continue reading Sun, Vitamin D, Cancer, and the Vindication of Common Sense

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The Death of Hospitality

The Death of HospitalityThe U.S. Surgeon General didn’t do any of his own new studies, but with great fanfare is announcing that secondhand smoke is really, really bad, based on citing such facts as the following:

Earlier this year, California health officials estimated that secondhand smoke kills about 3,400 nonsmoking Americans annually from lung cancer, 46,000 from heart disease, and 430 from SIDS.

I don’t even trust my own doctor, let alone some nameless “California health officials” who dish out impossible-to-verify estimates. Garbage piled upon garbage ultimately will add up to a hill of the same stuff, and the Surgeon General is planting his flag squarely upon that edifice. Continue reading The Death of Hospitality