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Bob Dylan and “Forgetful Heart”

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Just thought I would mention it while it’s on my mind: I do think that “Forgetful Heart” (from Together Through Life) is one of the great latter-day Bob Dylan songs. And the live version of “Forgetful Heart” which Bob Dylan has been performing on recent tours, with Donnie Herron playing viola and Dylan singing center-stage, is one of the most beautiful, deeply resonant and spine-tingling things to ever occur during a Bob Dylan show, in this decade or any other.

Forgetful heart
Lost your power of recall
Every little detail
You don’t remember at all
The times we knew
Who would remember better then you

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3 thoughts on “Bob Dylan and “Forgetful Heart”

  1. Hey, Sean, I hear something like this and I’m put in mind of those fabulous French performers: Charles Aznavour, Edith Piaf. I can see Jean Paul Belmondo in black and white walking through some alley in Marseille. I don’t know what stage Dylan was commanding in this clip, but he turned it into a small cafe, (at a quarter to three.) Dylan. Sometimes he hovers just outside of common space/time like an avatar of some sort. It’s really quite amazing.

  2. “one of the great latter-day Bob Dylan songs”

    I agree. I’ve never witnessed a crowd so quiet as when he played this in Seattle in 2009. It was an incredible performance.

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