A Bacon Sundae from Burger King

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Are you worried that eating that high calorie lunch is going to leave you with no room for dessert? Fret no more: With the new Bacon Sundae from Burger King, you can satisfy cravings for sugar, fat and salt all in one go.

Bacon Sundae from Burger King

The Bacon Sundae, being rolled out for a limited time to participating restaurants nationwide, includes vanilla ice-cream, chocolate fudge, caramel and crumbled bacon bits along with one honest-to-goodness-no-kidding crispy slice of bacon.

While this fantastic concoction may already be old news to some in the southern United States, it is likely to come as a surprise to dull Yankee palates—for instance the one owned by a certain mayor of New York City.

Big Apple gourmands are therefore advised to make haste to sample this delicacy before the regulatory wheels of the health bureaucracy can swing into action.

Of-course, yours truly does not actually recommend eating such a thing—and, lacking a sweet tooth, I’m personally not even tempted—so this is merely by way of saluting the creativity of the Burger King chefs and the right of free citizens everywhere to enjoy same.