Cinch Review Headquarters

THE CINCH REVIEW offers a variety of commentary, news and cultural criticism.

When an article is an actual review, the item being reviewed will be rated according to the lead pipe standard, from zero through ten lead pipes, where zero means “very bad indeed” and ten means “essential.”

“Lead pipe cinch” is an old American slang expression meaning “a sure thing.” photoAs in: “If you don’t quit complaining, it’s a lead pipe cinch that your head’s gonna get busted.” Leastways, that’s how we intend it to be understood here at THE CINCH REVIEW. So, any reviewed work earning ten out ten lead pipes also earns the accolade, “It’s a lead pipe cinch!” [UPDATE: We have suspended using ratings for artistic works, i.e. music books, etc., on the basis of it being too limiting in those contexts.]

THE CINCH REVIEW was founded and is operated by Sean Curnyn. Writing of his can also be found elsewhere, including at First Things and The Weekly Standard. He is usually seeking work appropriate to his abilities in the realm of writing and/or editing, so do feel free to drop a line if any such work is laying around undone in your vicinity. ( Email: editor (at) )