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  • Murder Most Foul
    It seems apt that amidst the ruination, Bob Dylan drops a new song. And also apt in that it strikes a lot of us initially as a non-sequitur in today’s context — this worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. What’s […]
  • religious alchemistLeonard Cohen: Religious Alchemist [First Things]
    Yet one more appreciation of the great Leonard Cohen, this one from yours truly at First Things: Leonard Cohen was a Canadian, but he was the poet laureate of another nation: a nation of souls by turns sensitive, lost, […]
  • FALLEN ANGELS by Bob Dylan ReviewBob Dylan – Fallen Angels (and Rising Prayers)
    Darling, down and down I go, round and round I go In a spin, loving the spin that I’m in Under that old black magic called love A few months from this time of writing, Bob Dylan will be performing at a big music […]
  • Unknowing the Enemy
    Seven months ago, in the Paris jihad attacks, 130 people were killed. Then there were 14 killed in the jihad attack in San Bernardino in December. In the Brussels jihad attacks, three months ago, 32 were killed. About […]
  • dog looking in the mirrorThe Dog in the Mirror
    Do you believe that looking at yourself in the mirror makes you smart? Do you tend to presume that other people whom you see looking into mirrors must therefore be very smart? You may fail to see the connection between […]